Burk Uzzle

Siena. Elegant. Magnificent tradition. But here, in the "now" of these pictures, is the raw, disheartened, and anxious underside of elegance and tradition.

The contradiction between "then and now" is here represented by places and people that are not often noticed, and here their countenance often includes a sense of loss, loneliness, a feeling of something powerfully uneasy, a sense of naked emotion.

But Life keeps on being Life, and not one of us is unimportant. The price of poetry is "acceptance," and the price of tenderness is compassion.

It is the quality of attention that awards a subject importance.

In this work there is a chosen stylistic of urgency and immediacy used to phrase the vision in which the poetry of all the represented realities is not etched with detail, but with emotion.

Some of these photographs haunt me, and for that I thank Federico Pacini.


Burk Uzzle